Fresh snow as far as the eye can see. Prompting me to ponder, how far can the eye see? How far does a person need to be able to see? What details and contrast are required. I'm of course speaking allegorically here. Cameras offer a great sense of this, being able to stop down depth of field and raise available light for focus on a subject. In general I prefer to walk through life with my eyes wide open to the entire scene unfolding around me, and make moves holistically based on the entire picture. But that fact of the matter is that doing so only offers a limted reality to be perceieved; true no matter the viewpoint. 
There is always more granular detail to dig into on an idea, a behavior, a plan. So, I have to stop my wide worldview down to focus on a limited one at times, in order to garner more information on that subject or idea before trekking down the vast expanse that is the travel through life. Thankfully, there is beauty there of which to be curious, as well as in the spread out panorama. 
Interesting too is the image of these two types of curiousity. The first can feel myopic if not taken in light of curiosity, which if added makes a persons enjoyment focus clearly on a single thing like a child playing with a toy train. The second wide open view is enjoyment of a moment, prompting me to think of myself as a grandpa retired and sitting on a well used porch swing, watching a sun go down and children play in the yard. Taking in the moment and all the scenery of life in one big drink of life versus engaging in curiosity and being lost in playful flow. Of course, there are other more alarmist ways to see those views, but this would be my goal. To see this pic as a tiny snowbank for its minute and tack sharp undulating beauty or to see it as the beginning of a vast field of snow covering and smoothing out all that lie underneath it. 

By the way, this is actually just the black hood of my car.

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