If there is anything I love about my camera, it's really the places it takes me, a third eye intended to record my thoughts and emotion for the world to feel.
“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”
— Ralph Hattersley

The romance around a long quiet trip, seeing and doing things that are always new, is not overstated.  Travel and exploration have always been at the heart of humanity.  Perhaps the most meaningful piece is the perspective these places give against the others we spend most of our time in.  There are always more things to do, more to see, abundant opportunities.  We just gotta be willing to go there. Reading books provides perspective into the minds of others.  Seeing music performed writes those feelings in our hearts.  But going and being somewhere with the world outside of us places our own sense of being into the grandeur of creation. 
Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.  Making and delivering a real photograph is a clear indication that you know where to stand.
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